March 2021
Boris Angelis

Hokus Krokus

TVSalon approached me regarding a logo animation for a pitch. I didn’t think much of it, until i saw the “Logo”:

So apparently this 400 by 400 pixel image was their Logo at the time. This flower is the main ingredient in the end-clients medicine. The medicine supposedly keeps lung cancer toxins away from your brains blood stream.

Initially I was simply asked how i would go about animating this. So i figured it would be cool to see the leaves bend down and bulge, as if they were breathing lungs, while the petals would bend inwards, closing off the insides of the plant. We then bounced ideas back and forth until we had a solid concept.

What i did not anticipate, was that I would have to do a preview of what i just described.

Trying to isolate the leaves in After Effects did not work what-so-ever. And even if: the resolution was simply to low. Rather than giving up, I decided to go all in and model the flower from just this reference image.

I honestly did not think i’d be able to pull it off, but i ended up with a very solid flower on which i could project the texture. This had the added benefit of sharpening up the corners, making the low res nature of the material negligible.

So now all i had to do was to add a skeleton and animate the darn thing.

As you can see, the final result is pretty solid