Who is he?

Animator at heart, working as a Motion Designer for money. I graduated in Graphic Design at the Higher Graphical Federal Education and Research Institute in Vienna.

So far I worked for Heimat Wien, erklärvideo.at and TV Salon as well as a hand full of other people.

The things you have fun doing, are the things you will do best.
Animation and Filmmaking are the things I enjoy doing the most.

Oh, and i was a Holocaust Education Volunteer at the HEGP Foundation in Montreal, Canada for ten months.

My Services include, but aren’t limited to:

Explainer Videos.
Animated or Live Action

You want to present a product or service? Then save your breath trying to explain how it works to each and every one individually and let me make you a video, which does that job for you.
Within a Minute or two your clients/users/investors/grandparents will know everything they need to know.
Traditionally these Videos are animated in order to better suit your Corporate Identity. However sometimes it is easier to let your product speak for itself and just film it.
I have the experience and the resources to offer you both of these options.

Any ol’ Animation really …

Animation is my passion, and I’m flexible enough to bend over backwards in order to make existing designs move, or create them from scratch. I’m proficient in After Effects, focusing on Motion Design and Character Animation, but I love working doing simple 3D animation as well as traditional 2d animation, whenever I get the chance.

Corporate Videos

Just because it says “corporate” doesn’t mean it has to be boring!
It just has to represent what you do and why. Nothing boring here.

Music Videos

If you ain’t talkin’ money i don’t wanna talk … unless I love your music, then please take my video senpai. Don’t be offended if i don’t like your music: I listen to elevator jazz unironically.

Event Videography

I have filmed a couple of events and it has always been fun. I will go out of my way to turn your after video into something you can show your friends and family, making them regret not to show up.
If i do weddings, just punch me in the guts and tell me to try harder.

I hate web design with a passion

I am also good at things i don’t enjoy, such as Web Design. “Spite and hate are the best motivation” is the motto i built this Website with.
So if you like this Website: Thanks, but I hope it is the last i have to make.
If you still think “OooOh i want THIS guy to do my website, rather than someone with a passion for web design” here are two websites i made, which are still online: