July 2023
Boris Angelis

Vienna Feaver

Antonia Patzak blessed me with the task of creating pretty teasers for their first funk-fusion event.
These 15-40 second long instagram reels should look professional, playful and like they are excerpts from a movie or a show.

The event series showcases the best from back in the day, with the best from today. To mirror this mentality in the visuals, I used a modern camera and lens, but kept the camera on a tripod and on a crane at all times.

For lighting i used a small soft box as a key and a bunch of Aperture Bulbs scattered across the scene for a more futuristic look, contrasting the retro set decorations and outfits. To add some character back into the shots i added Aperture Diffraction, giving the highlights those iconic star-shaped streaks.

Considering that we only had rough ideas of what we were going to film and improvised everything else on the spot I feel like these Videos turned out rather good. For the next Videos I intend on at least having a shot list.