October 2020
Boris Angelis

Currently Learning 3D

I have finally somewhat figured out how to do things in 3D and am currently getting the hang of using nodes and simulating stuff in Blender. Here are some of the Renders i made as part of my learning experience.

Thanks to an addon i can finally do cool landscapes and parts of cities, by just selecting the part i want on the map and adding particles and textures.

Making a boat float and cast waves is not as easy as it may seem
Here i actually experimented with a new noise reduction method, that only needs about 8 samples for a clean render (usually it takes 128 and above).
I tested out the rigging system in Blender. It was ridiculously easy to animate this cute little kitty and blend the various animations seamlessly (Moving from A to B, walking and bending down) But i noticed that the walking animation wasn’t rendering for no goddamn reason whatsoever. In the end I figured it out (as you can tell) but that was a very annoying day of troubleshooting.
I know it isn’t the prettiest of liquid simulations, but that wasn’t really the point of this experiment. It was actually to see how well the non-ray-tracing eender engine “eevee” would perform when given a complex scene. The reason being that while raytracing is perfect in terms of accuracy and lighting, it takes hours to render while eevee takes minutes for the same operation.